Animus Brewing Co. is a microbrewery born in Barcelona in times of pandemic.

It is being so successful that each batch of beer they brew is exhausted from the moment it is in the fermentation tanks, which ensures the freshness of their beers. The initiative arose from a couple with the premise of pouring into their products, their aesthetics and their recipes, the set of ideas and cultural trends collected over the years living around the world. After a few years in the beer and advertising sector, they noticed a certain tendency to shut down and cut off the exchange of ideas. They observed that this makes the products resemble each other in a certain way. Although the styles they brew are quite classic or 'trendy', they do not close their doors to brewing slightly more daring beers and above all to collaborating with other breweries and artists. Unfortunately the pandemic has prevented them from social contact, but it is within their plans to organize events where music, art and craft beer are mixed, in order to attract different visions to the project from where each one thinks they can.

They have the artist Máximo Balestrini, the artist behind the art of the labels, which is proof that the aesthetics of the brand is something super-priority, which they try to take care of as much as possible. Máximo's works range from digital art to watercolors through traditional pencil.