This month is the Scandinavian invasion! Modern beers, cans with a very good graphic design, easy to drink, refreshing, but at the same time full-bodied. Please welcome Omnipollo from Sweden and Cervisiam from Norway!



Omnipollo is a 'brewery' founded in Stockholm (Sweden) in 2010 by the Swedes Henok Fentie ('homebrewer turned professional brewer) and Karl Grandin (graphic artist and co -founder of the clothing brand Cheap Monday) with a common vision, to change the perception of craft beer forever. The very like-minded Swedish duo have shaken up the craft beer market on the taste and visual fronts in their short lives. His philosophy has always been to elaborate a large number of styles in order to explore what craft beer could become. Being a joint and equal partnership between a brewer and a graphic artist, their creative process closely resembles that of a Pop expression workshop. “Karl and I work independently,” says Henok. “I write recipes and cook beers and Karl creates art, yet we are in constant conversation about what influences us at any given time.” Their beers are always a collaborative effort and their gypsy brewers model has allowed them to brew at breweries in all corners of the world. That approach has allowed them to cultivate curiosity and keep their feet on the ground.



Style: American Pale Ale

The continual search for the perfect balance in an American Pale Ale led Omnipollo to work with Idaho 7 and Citra hops to create a beer that, despite the name, has a beautifully round mouthfeel. Very cloudy when poured, resembling a New England IPA at first glance. Tropical and citrus aromas with a certain taste of peaches. It is made in the facilities of the famous Belgian 'brewery' De Proefbrouwerij.



Style: IPA

This India Pale Ale, brewed like the Squares at De Proefbrouwerij, is one of Henok and Karl's battle beers and has become their house beer. A good blend of grains, virtually intact post fermentation, and a nice load of delicious Simcoe, Citra, and Centennial hops make up this wonderful Omnipollo creation. The Zodiak has been a complete success, especially from an art perspective. From cans and bottles to blankets and prints, it is undoubtedly one of Omnipollo's strongest and most notable conceptualizations and works of art.



Cervisiam is a brewery from Oslo (Norway), which has its humble beginnings in a brewery on the outskirts of Oslo and was founded in 2015 under the model of 'gypsy brewers'. This is why they are known as 'cuckoo' brewers, because, like cuckoo birds that lay their eggs in the nests of other birds, the beer they produce is brewed on the premises of rented breweries. Cervisiam takes off as a 'brewery' after receiving several well-deserved accolades in the competitive world of homebrewing, which is when they begin to attack the Norwegian market. His philosophy is to put a lot of effort into producing beer with a peculiar texture and appearance. They don't use the well-known formula of water, hops, barley and yeast, but model their beer profile based on mouthfeel, and don't shy away from using supplements to boost flavor.


Beer: Bad Mango

Style: East Coast IPA

This is Cervisiam's interpretation of an IPA in the popular East Coast style of E. AND OR OR Bad Mango is brewed with a large charge of Mosaic hops, followed by a post-fermentation from a lot of mango puree, which gives it that tropical touch that you will feel in the mouth as soon as you taste it. A very juicy beer, with moderate bitterness and extremely high fruitfulness. A true homage to the East Coast!


Beer: Weekend at Berries

Style: Imperial Cherry Gose

A really intensely fruity Imperial Gose, super sour and very refreshing. Made with a balanced combination of sour cherries, vanilla, sea salt and lactose, which gives it good balance and creaminess. Its aroma can curiously remind you of movie sweets!



Photo: Italo Morales