Brewtal Box #039 / MAY 2021 - WYLIE BREWERY


In this spring edition of the Brewtal Box we have back Wylie Brewery, one of the 'microbrewery' most esteemed by the 'hopheads' in Spain given that they focus on producing for a niche of consumers looking for limited edition IPAs, many of which are Double IPAs, New England IPAs and Session IPAs. It was founded in 2015 by Grahame from Scotland and Shane from California, who were joined in 2019 by Reinaldo, a Venezuelan guy who started his beer adventures homebrewing and exploring the brewery scene in Vermont, USA. USA Since its inception, they have brewed their beers in a small, fairly artisan factory located in Sitges (Catalonia), in the back of the wonderful pub that bears their name. Very recently they expanded their production and now have a new, much larger factory in Sant Pere de Ribes (Catalonia). In 2018 they won the award for the best new beer at the Barcelona Beer Festival.

* In our BREWING DAY SERIES about Wyile ​​Brewery you can see more photos of these guys in action in their microbrewery.



Style: New England IPA

The name and illustration on the label of this NEIPA, both very curious, seem to refer to the "Clockwork Elves", a term that was popularized in the 70s in the psychedelic community by the teachings of the great Terence McKenna (RIP) , an Irish-American philosopher, psychonaut, researcher, spiritual teacher, speaker, and writer: “little apparently sentient, joyful, mischievous beings who love to play and show you their wonderful psychedelic alien machinery.” It is perhaps to express the journey you will take when drinking this herbal NEIPA with discreet bitterness and a fruity touch that has been made with Amarillo, Loral and Mosaic hops. A not too cloudy beer, sugar cane and with a lot of character.

ABV: 6.2% / IBU: -



Style: Imperial Stout

We knew that the month of May would be the last chance to quietly savor an Imperial Stout this strong, before the summer heat arrived. The Fandango, which somehow evokes a modern version of the popular and typical dance of the Balearic Islands, is an old school Imperial Stout. It has aromas of cocoa, medium body and an adequate point of bitterness, very well balanced with alcohol and sweet point. In its 33cl size, it is liquid enough to drink, enjoy and contemplate the sea or the mountains. Perhaps after the meal, as a kind of digestive.

ABV: 12.5% ​​/ IBU: -



Style: New England IPA

Juice, juice, juice! Brewed with Tallus T90, Cashmere T90, and Ekuanot Cryo hops, this New England-style IPA is very fruity—all fruit juice! On the nose aromas of orange, grapefruit, peach and red fruits, and on the palate flavor of peach with a hint of citrus and a discreet bitterness. Its delicate alcoholic content makes it a refreshing beer that is very easy to drink. Ideal to pair with light and refreshing meals such as salads or ceviches. Perfect for spring!

ABV: 5.6% / IBU:-



Style: New England Double IPA

Music has always been an inspiration for the boys at Wylie. Always surrounded by synthesizers, musical instruments and everything that has to do with producing music, when they make beers and want to choose a name or simply something is complicated in the preparation, many times it comes to mind to make references in some way to the musical production. "Tape Jam" is no exception, it is simply a fantastic name for this well-balanced, herbal and discreetly fruity double NEIPA, with body, just bitterness and discreet sweetness, which, despite having 7.6% ABV, does not perceive its degrees of alcohol. Its notes of passion fruit, lemon, pineapple and peach make it a fairly easy beer to drink. We recommend pairing it with spicy foods (tuna tacos with lots of chili!).

ABV: 7.6% / IBU:-


Photography and renderings: Italo Morales