LONDON MEETS BARCELONA!. The May Brewtal Box brings together two breweries with impressive beers from London and Barcelona, ​​but also with a Dutch touch !


Located in London, Partizan Brewing was born in 2012 by founder Andy Smith, an avid homebrewer who had previously made his career in the world of haute cuisine. In his quest to make a fresh, interesting and hard to find beer in the UK, Andy is presented with the opportunity to work with Redemption Brewing (Tottenham), where he studied and learned to ply your trade as a professional brewer. That year, when The Kernel Brewery begins its expansion, he offers Andy his original brewing equipment and thus Partizan is born, settling in South Bermondsey right next to The Kernel.

By enlisting the services of Alec Doherty, a fine artist, designer, illustrator and longtime friend, the company's image also began to take its unique shape and direction.


The White Noise is a delicious and juicy IPA made with 50% wheat. They call it a white IPA but it is very similar to a session IPA, and it was born from a very special collaboration between Partizan, the guys from the magazine “skateboard” Vague, and the brand of clothes Piilgrim.

Whether you're a thirsty skater or just someone who wants to quench your thirst, this is definitely something special.


This Pale Ale, to some actually an American Pale Ale, is light in color, hazy and medium bodied. It is made with Yellow and Chinook hops, which give it a soft bitter finish and fruity and citrus aromas with notes of orange and grapefruit. Mango, pine and resin flavors are also felt. Undeniably delicious!


Founded in 2017 by Patricia and Borja, inspired by the name of Barcelona's highest peak, Tibidabo Brewing is located in an unassuming industrial space just a few minutes' walk from the center of Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona). His secret is the use of American hops in all his beers, and a fundamental part of his concept is the canning of his beer. Tibidabo's brewmaster is a French guy named Quentin who started in the craft world at Jopen Bier, a well-known Dutch brewery. He is the one in charge of creating and brewing Tibidabo's modern, experimental and transgressive beers.


The Twin Clouds is a NEIPA brewed in the Tibidabo brewhouse in Barcelona in collaboration with the guys from Jopen Bier from Haarlem (Holland) . The result of this magnificent collaboration, whose process included double dry-hopping to add extra aroma and flavor, a cloudy beer loaded with Mosaic, Simcoe and Idaho 7 hops and featuring low bitterness and aromas of mango, tangerine and peach. A unique and limited creation!


The Berliner Weisse style beer is synonymous with Berliner-style champagne or cava, but the Tibidabo version is a wheat beer balanced with blackberries, with a fine effervescent flavor and a dry finish, which recalls the character and acid sensations and fruity from a cava or rosé sparkling wine. It pairs very well with salads, fish and with foods spiced with curry.

Photo: Italo Morales