Brewtal Box #037 / MAR 2021 - LA TEXTIL BREWERY


After three years of reforms of an old textile warehouse just in front of Casa Calvet, one of the many buildings designed by Gaudí in Barcelona's Eixample district, La Textil Brewery throws a bomb at Barcelona's thriving craft beer pool. Led by American brewmasters Brian Blazek (California), concept creator and head brewer, and Ian Boucher (Oregon), who spent a good time cooking for Melvin Brewing Co. in Wyoming, La Textil has already impacted some connoisseurs of the local scene. So much so, that it has been selected to host the jury of the next Barcelona Beer Challenge 2021. Both are super familiar with the hoppy IPAs that currently dominate the market. However, in this first sample of 4 unique styles, they brewed beers with a versatility that will allow this new 'brewery' to welcome a diverse clientele, from the most veteran to those who are just beginning to appear in this world. . It is important to them to use local ingredients to create unique styles. This idea was also what made them put a Barcelona signature on a fruity pale ale; For inspiration they chose the prickly pears, typical of these Iberian lands! And although this beer is not part of the current release, beer aficionados can look forward to these and other unique creations when the bonanza returns.

Regarding the illustrations of the labels of this first series of beers, these have been entrusted to the illustrator Adrià Cuernolobo, and a bit to Collective Arts Brewing, the concept of La Textil is to be able to invite more artists in the future to design other labels.


Beer: KUSH

Style: West Coast Pale Ale

This classic Pale Ale from the West Coast of the United States, a style that started a revolution in the world of craft beer, has a rather southern air since it was dry-hopped with a good load of hops from two very interesting New Zealand varieties: Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin. It also carries kilos of the famous Belgian “2-row” barley, flaked rice, caramel malt and the fermentation was done with London Ale yeast. “Hoppy and with balls!”, but also balanced and refreshing. Very drinkable for most.

ABV: 5.7%

IBU: 57


Beer: BAMF

Style: New England IPA

BAMF (initials of the famous phrase in English “bad ass mother fucker”) is a NEIPA that has been dry hopped with Zacca, El Dorado and Mosaic hops. Explosive, cloudy and fruity, loaded with aromas of fresh citrus such as grapefruit, passion fruit, mango and melon that rest on a soft bed of juicy Belgian barley malt, wheat and flaked oats. All this flavor bomb is fermented with a house yeast mix (London Ale and Chico). Despite its 7.8% alcohol (perhaps this is why it is BAMF!), it is an easy beer to drink and pair with. Excellent start of La Textil and our subscribers are one of the few who are trying it right now!

ABV: 7.8%

IBU: 57



Style: Coffee-infused Brown Ale

In collaboration with NOMAD, Barcelona's famous specialty coffee roasters, Ian and Brian have decided to brew this smooth Brown Ale for their La Textil launch portfolio, and boy have they hit the spot. It has been brewed with a high dose of whole Red Obatá and Marsellaise specialty coffee beans (roasted of course by the NOMAD guys). On the palate flavors of chocolate, hazelnut and cherry over a balanced character of roasted malt. Maris Otter and Chateau Biscuit malts were added, as well as their nice touch of Cascade hops.

ABV: 4.7%

IBU: 23



Style: Belgian Wit

La Textil puts a twist on the classic Belgian Witbier by adding a touch of hibiscus and chamomile instead of orange peel and coriander, which are the more traditional ingredients in this style. Brewed with Belgian Pilsner malt, white wheat, rolled oats, Sapphire hops, and Belgian Wit yeast, Ian and Brian create this cloudy, refreshing beer with a foamy head. Light ruby ​​in color, with the mild acidity of the hibiscus and balanced with the subtle fruity notes provided by the yeast. The chamomile flowers, which are barely perceptible, give it a pleasant note in the background and also an earthy finish. It is a very easy beer to drink, and one that we promise will quench your thirst as soon as the spring temperatures arrive!

ABV: 5.1%

IBU: 9