Brewtal Box #032 / OCT 2020 - ATTICK & MR. piggins

The October Brewtal Box shipped last Tuesday and right now many of our subscribers in Spain are already drinking some of the amazing fresh beers from Attik Brewing (Malaga) and Mr. Piggins (Valencia) which we selected for you this month. We pride ourselves on shipping amazingly fresh craft beers that have been canned just a few days ago and kept in 4-5C fridges. We hope you enjoy this selection in which we include new players in the Spanish craft beer scene. We hope you enjoy it and more is in the works. cheers!



Jaime, Juan and Umeed, began their journeys as home brewers in Malaga in 2013, and after 5 years brewing many batches of beers they decided to found Attik Brewing under a nomadic brewery concept. The name of the 'brewery' comes from its origins as home brewers, times when they brewed their beers in the attic of Jaime's house. This is perfectly reflected in its visual identity, since its logo resembles the roof of a house and a triangle that represents the three founders. They began the Attik adventure making locally in factories in Malaga, but after several elaborations, they liked the idea of ​​being able to try new factories and meet more people from the 'craft' world throughout Spain. Their beers have evolved a lot and currently their concept is to play a lot with the creativity of the recipes (and illustrations on the labels!) and look for a true differentiator in each beer they produce. They elaborate from highly hopped beers, going through 'sours' with exotic fruits to Imperial Stouts with wood. Originality is always paramount.



Style: DDH Double IPA

This beer has been conceived as a result of a first edition that was very popular, the 'Double Zero'. With this reissue, the guys from Attik Brewing wanted to push the beer to the limit by doubling the amount of hops from the first. Overall it is quite round with notes of tropical fruit, slightly citric and resinous. It is a beer created especially for hop lovers. A good pairing for this beer is cheese. Especially the somewhat mature cheeses and definitely the blue cheese. Another great companion for this beer is spicy, from Mexican tacos to spicy oriental foods.

ABV: 8.0%

IBU: 75



Style: DDH IPA

'Bushido' is a double dry-hopped IPA brewed with the famous 'Verdant' yeast and a very powerful load of Enigma, Mosaic and Citra hops which makes this a very current style beer. It follows a modern line that plays with turbidity and oats that give it a very silky texture. Mosaic, Citra, and Enigma hops give Bushido a blend of tropical undertones and stone fruit. On the other hand, the double load of hops in fermentation make it a quite aromatic beer and in the mouth they create an incredible explosion of tropical fruit and resin.

ABV: 6.0%

IBU: 70



In 2019, determined to bring to the Port of Sagunto (Valencia) the culture of craft beer, Gonzalo and Guillermo, who are originally from Madrid and very passionate about beer, founded a few meters from the beach a bar dedicated to Valencian craft beers that they called Mr. Piggins–Garage. More or less at the same time, a 'microbrewery' was founded in the port that its founder Vicente Bernal called Cosa Nostra Beer and with whom Mr. Piggins begins to collaborate in the production of craft beers. In 2020, seeing that the collaboration was so close, they decided to merge and found Mr. Piggins Brewing Co. And this being only her first year, she has already been awarded two medals at the Barcelona Beer Festival 2020!

“We are a project totally dedicated to the craft world and its expansion, to do things well and with love, we have a factory, with its own Tap-Room and we have a wonderful brewery the one we call "Garage". Where you will go crazy trying beer, ours and that of the great Valencian artists. An open project where all good beer has a place. ”



Style: Blonde Ale

Little Parker, as the boys from Mr. Piggins is a very refreshing blonde ale style beer, and what makes it very special are its hoppy character and the citrus touches that its hops give it. This beer is so good that it has been the winner of a bronze medal at the Barcelona Beer Festival 2020. An easy beer to pair with almost any food, but especially with chicken, salads, salmon, sausages and cheeses. A beer to refresh and drink without stopping!

ABV: 5.30%

IBU: 22



Style: Weissbier

The Blart, with its wonderful banana notes (hence the concept of its label), has been conceived for lovers of German wheat classics. The spectacular Weissbier, also known in Germany as Weizen and in the US as Hefeweizen, is a style originally from Bohemia and is part of a 500-year tradition in Bavaria. They are high fermentation beers made with a high amount of wheat malts (50%). This gives it a whitish and cloudy appearance with a very dense and abundant foam. Blonde, cloudy and light!

ABV: 5.0%

IBU: 12




Photography & Renderings: Italo Morales