Brewtal Box #047 / JAN 2022 - FREDDO FOX


Founded in Barcelona in the summer of 2020, the Freddo Fox Brewery project is already a regular brewery for Brewtal. The originality and diversity of its recipes, the design of its labels, its freshness, its format in "Slim" cans, our proximity to its facilities and its founders Marcus, Robin and Elliott Koning greatly encourage us to invite them again to be part of the lineup of the Brewtal Box. Heiress to the impressive facilities and some members of the staff of the mythical Edge Brewing, the Freddo Fox project has completely overturned the existing concept. Not only do they make a radical change to their brand identity, inspired by street art and the urban, but they are also dedicated to making more experimental and higher quality beers packaged in 33cl "slim" cans. , which to date remains a fairly unique format in the Spanish craft beer scene. Their beers are always made with the best hops, the sours with fresh fruit and their black beers express a lot of creativity and exoticism in their ingredients. As part of its original concept, Freddo Fox has had numerous collaborations with well-established national and international breweries, such as Wylie Brewery (Spain), J. Wakefield Brewing (USA) USA ), Oddity Brewing (Spain/Ireland), Northern Monk (England), Finback (USA). USA ) and North Brewing Co. (England), among others. The illustrations of the labels and all the graphic design in general come from the creativity and talent of Marcus, one of its founders and former founder of the famous Brewski from Sweden.

“The idea behind the name is as follows: Freddo, which means cold in several languages, and Fox, an animal known to be very playful, mischievous and a bit annoying but also strong and powerful. This is how we unite something cold and something fun (cold and playful). ”



Style: Imperial Fruited Gose

Pear, apricot, and a large amount of raspberries have been added to give it a body, texture, and flavor of fruit jam. Smooth, creamy, juicy, and with a good acidity that helps to uncover a lust of lollipop flavors. Small additions of cocoa and vanilla add up to complete the fruity flavor combination, giving it that extra sweetness and creaminess. As you can see nothing too complicated, but with a LOT of everything that makes it a delicious beer!

ABV: 6.5%




Style: Afternoon Pale Ale

This is a beer you will never get tired of. It stands out for maintaining the balance between the citrus flavors from the hops, a slight touch of biscuit malt and the fruity finish of the yeast. To begin with, it is recommended to pause and admire its cloudy body and creamy white foam. Next, take a deep breath of its delicate aromas of grapefruit, lime and orange. And finally, proceed to take the first drink and enjoy its citrus fruit flavors, its smooth carbonation and moderate bitterness, and an exquisite timelessness. The perfect way to start the afternoon, in any situation and at any time.

Hops: Citra, Citra CRYO, Idaho 7, Columbus

ABV: 4.9%




Style: Double New England IPA

Brewed in collaboration with Oddity Brewing (Barcelona) this double NEIPA presents a deep and creamy turbidity, intense herbal aromas and hints of sweet fruits, with hints of lemongrass and peach. Although our biggest surprise has undoubtedly been the impressive and juicy pineapple flavor that hits your palate as soon as you taste it. The combination of Enigma, Mosaic and Idaho 7 hops, along with a dash of Columbus, will most likely spark an explosion of new flavors as it evolves. Sweet melon, lemon sorbet and much more pineapple! For the Freddo Fox brewers, working with Ivan of Oddity Brewing on this collaboration has been a pleasure from start to finish. They invite you out of the dark.

Hops: Enigma, Mosaic, Idaho 7, Columbus

ABV: 8.5%




Style: New Zealand IPA

It is closely related to Riwaka hops. In collaboration with @hoprevolution and @agronetbrewing who gave Freddo Fox the opportunity to get his hands on this incredible hop from New Zealand: lemongrass, sweet grapefruit, humid forest, ripe guava, resin, bay leaf, passion fruit, pepper, pine, lime leaves, vanilla notes and smoky character. From the union of all this, this smooth and modern IPA emerges that starts sweet but ends with a slightly bitter, pleasant and persistent touch, which encourages a greater exploration of everything that this incredible hop can offer us. It is always better to build bridges than build walls.

Hops: Riwaka, Mosaic, Rakao

ABV: 6.0%