Brewtal Box #10


If you've been around craft beer for a while, you've probably enjoyed La Pirata. This month we come with two of their beers that are perfect for winter.

Could it be that we are obsessed with Nordic breweries? Maybe yes, but how could it not be if they have a very particular way of combining innovation in their beers, with incredible designs.


Just 4 years after its founding, To Øl has been voted the ninth best brewery in the world world. But of course, if it is the creation of two young Danes who were enraged with traditional beers and decided to do something about it and break paradigms!

Proof of this irreverence can be seen from the start, as their first beers were made in the kitchen of their school, where they sneaked away after it closed to turn it into their brewery for explore and refine the different styles they now produce in their nomadic operations.

Beer: Totem Pale
Style: Gluten Free APA

To warm up your engines this month, we suggest you start with this American Pale Ale, a low-alcohol beer, but with a lot of flavor. Mosaic and Tettnanger hops add some spice and powerful flavor to this gluten-free beer.

Alcohol: 2.2%. Bitterness: - IBU

Beer: Sur Amarillo
Style: Sour IPA

Sour IPA, you read that right!

This beer has the particularity of using only one hop, Amarillo , which has tropical and very citrus characteristics, especially orange, which makes it go very well with the extra acid that To Øl has decided to use in this beer.

Tell us what you would pair with!

Alcohol: 7.5%. Bitterness: 65 IBU


Incendiary, artisan and natural.

A benchmark for craft beer in Spain, La Pirata has been chosen at the Fira del Poblenou as the best national brewer for two consecutive years, 2015 and 2016, in addition to having received many medals for their beers.

They spent more than a decade as home brewers, and after many bumps they brought out that pirate beer from hiding and in 2012 began their nomadic phase, that is, producing in other brewers' factories. This only lasted 3 years, when they opened their own brewery in Súria, Catalonia.

Beer: Vulcano
Style: Sour IPA

Being a new style, we would like you to compare two of these and leave us your comments on Instagram.

In collaboration with Galotia Brewing, from Gran Canaria, Tierra del Fuego, this acid bomb, hopped and moderately bitter, acidified with Lactobacillus Plantarum and wildly hopped with Enigma and Citra that gives how The result is a slightly acidic and very tropical beer.

Alcohol: 6.8%. Bitterness: 20 IBU

Beer: Nadala
Style: Winter Ale

Winter has arrived and soon Christmas too, for this reason La Pirata presents us with her first Winter Ale, the “ Swim her”. This beer, in addition to being made with Golden Promise malts and three types of hops, comes with an addition of Jijona nougat and orange peel. Drinking it will warm you up and lull you to sleep like your mother did before going to sleep.

Alcohol: 8.8%. Bitterness: 25 IBU

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Photography: Italo Morales