Brewtal Box #12

February is Belgian yeast month in the Brewtal!

We come with very typical styles of this country, which current breweries have modernized and even experimented with other non-traditional styles.

La Saison is a rustic, top-fermented beer style originating from the Wallonia region of Belgium. They were produced during the winter and kept until summer to give farm workers a drink at harvest time.

MISTERY BREWING (Galicia, Spain)

A new brewery project located in Galicia, which places special emphasis on showing the beauty of the most fundamental aspect of any beer: fermentation. His recipes are accessible, easy to drink and at the same time interesting for the most expert drinkers. Inspired by the Belgian rural tradition and with more contemporary American influences, their first bet is an exploration of "farmhouse" styles, in which "saison" yeast is the protagonist.

Beer: Fool's Gold
Style: Saison

A tribute to this classic style, with no fruits, spices or foreign ingredients, just pure yeast magic! They used a mixture of two Belgian yeast strains to ferment this beer. With this alcohol level, the fruity aromas of yeasts such as apricot, lemon peel and ripe apple are intensified, in addition, the rustic and spicy nuances add layers of complexity.

Alcohol: 8.0%. Bitterness: 25 IBU

Beer: Crop Circle
Style: Farmhouse IPA

A familiar beer for those used to drinking IPAs but at the same time surprising and unique. As it is re-fermented in the bottle, the aromas of the hops will soften while the nuances of the yeast will gain complexity and presence over time. A combination of Citrus and resinous Centennial and Mandarina Bavaria hops, with fruity and spicy nuances.

Alcohol: 5.4%. Bitterness: 30 IBU

BRASSERIE DE LA SENNE (Brussels, Belgium)
Yvan De Baets and Bernard Leboucq work at their brewery in Molenbeek, Brussels, using traditional methods to produce beers that are unfiltered, unpasteurized and free of any additives. His creations are characterized by having complex flavors, a lot of personality and character, proudly made in Belgium!

Beer: Jambe de Bois
Style: Abbey Tripel

Blonde with a tendency to copper color, it is a powerful and full-bodied beer, it has aromas of ripe banana and a subtle mixture of traditional varieties of aromatic hops. In terms of flavor, the malt is dominant, balanced with a delicate and long-lasting bitterness.

Alcohol: 8.0%. Bitterness: 49 IBU

Beer: Zinn Bir
Style: Belgian Ale

Name that comes from “Zinne”, which in Brussels slang defines the Seine, the river that before being covered in concrete, crossed the Belgian capital. It is a golden ale, with medium alcohol, very malty and moderate bitterness that lingers in the aftertaste. Its aroma is quite complex and is based on an intense hop fragrance with fruity characteristics.
Alcohol: 6.0%. Bitterness: - IBU

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Photo: Italo Morales