Brewtal Box #2

Scandinavians are known, among other things, for living in almost perfect societies. Is this connected to the extraordinary beers they produce?

For the second month of our adventure, we decided to travel to Norway. In recent years, the Nordics have seen their beers gain popularity. Thanks to the innovation and high quality of its processes, as well as the designs used in its cans and bottles.

For this edition we bring 3 Norwegian breweries and one from the Greek island of Crete, although prepared by a renowned Norwegian brewmaster.

Here our selection:

Brewery: 7Fjel

7Fjel (7 mountains) and perhaps one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 7Fjell is near Bergen in Norway. A small brewery with an award-winning brewmaster, they strive to prepare classic recipes with an innovative twist.

Beer: Fløien Style: American IPA

American IPA with a lot of citrus, tropical fruits and spices, balanced with a good selection of malts. Its name comes from one of the 7 mountains near Bergen. To enjoy it better, it is advisable to serve it in a shaker or tulip glass.

Beer: Kniksen Style: India Red Ale

It is one of the best of its kind, it also combines well in a roast or with fatty foods, thanks to its malty and hoppy character at the same time. Caramel, citrus and peach can be found in its aroma and flavor. It is recommended to be served at 9 degrees C.


Brewery: Solo

Its founder and Brew Master, Kjetil Jikiun, is a pioneer of the craft movement, having founded the renowned micro-brewery Nogne in his native Norway. He has also produced artisan Sake and Gin. SOLO Brewery and its team are identified for being obsessed with the idea that a good beer is a universal right, and they produce for those beer lovers who want a perfect beer.

Beer: Skotidi Style: Imperial Stout

Super black, with a high alcoholic content and a balance between sweet and bitter, excellent to end a night and take it with chocolate desserts.

Brewery: Kinn Bryggeri

It started as a home project. His owner went from home brewing to buying second-hand equipment from other Norwegian breweries, eventually assembling a small production site run solely by himself. His beers were gaining popularity and his ability to experiment with new styles grew.

Beer: Bøvelen Style: Abadia Tripel Belgian

With the name of Diablo, it is a refreshing, well-balanced beer, somewhat hoppy. How about having it with a fish?

We want to know what you think of this month's beers and their designs!