Brewtal Box #3


Now that it's starting to heat up, how good is it to be able to enjoy a lager on a terrace with friends? Or how about an IPA and a Stout to pair a good dinner?

From Europe and America come some very different breweries, one with 3 decades of existence, but with modern recipes; and the other, with less time in the market but specialized in traditional styles.

Brewery: Rogue

From the United States comes one of the craft breweries that has been talking the longest. Founded in 1988, in addition to making great beers, they are dedicated to distillation. On their farms they have hops, barley, rye, pumpkins, berries and even jalapeños, which they use in their products.

The brewery, like many others, was born in a basement and was created by former executives of the sports brand Nike, who in 1989 hired John Maier as brewmaster and who is still with the company.

Maier has worked directly with Chefs and emphasizes that all of her beers are created with food pairing in mind. Although we're not sure if all of his beers fall into this category, as he once created a yeasted beer from his beard. :D

And when it comes to independence, Rogue Nation is a community created by its own founders that has more than 270. 000 citizens worldwide, it has a declaration of independence and some rules, but the most important thing is that it has a volunteer program, scholarships and benefits for all who join the Revolution. (His own words)

Beer: Brutal IPA

Style: India Pale Ale

Brutal IPA (what a nice name :-), is the official beer of Rogue Nation, made with Oregon hops and English malts. What makes this IPA special is that it does not use dry hopping, but its Crystal hops provide great flavor and a strong citrus aroma. Recommended with meat or seafood.

Beer: Shakespeare

Style: Stout

The oatmeal stout uses a hop they developed themselves and is found in almost all their beers, called Pacman. Shakespeare, is defined by its brewmaster as ebony in color, with creamy brown head and chocolate flavor. Take it with meat or if you dare with a dessert.

Brewery: Doge's Birrificio

We return to Europe to bring an Italian brewery. The territory of Zerobranco, is located between Treviso and Venice, very rich in springs. From here, the Giuman brothers directly take the water to make their beers, which, thanks to its minerals, are especially suitable for certain German styles of craft beers.

The brewery was born in 2013, after 5 years of producing as a hobby. They specialize in 6 types of beers, all with a strong German accent. Also, by not bottle conditioning, its clarity is exceptional.

Additionally, they have seasonal beers that include some that are spontaneously fermented.

Its bottles are elegant and have a sober design, only changing their color to differentiate styles.

Beer: Vienna

Style: Lager

La Vienna, an amber lager; which has received silver at the Barcelona Beer Challenge, has tones of toasted malt, biscuit, caramel and nuts, somewhat sweet without being cloying. Dense foam that, as its creators describe, resembles that of cappuccino.

Beer: Marzen

Style: Marzen

Slightly less alcoholic, the Marzen is golden in color with a thin head and flavors of toast, herbs and honey, balanced and easy to drink, its bitterness is strong enough for richly flavored meals, but at the light time to refresh.

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