Beermad, the craft beer market in Madrid.

As we told you on our social networks, we have begun to visit all the festivals, markets, gatherings or gatherings of beers or craft brewers around the world. Whether they are big, small, known or not, we want to talk to you about them.

In our first installment we will talk about Beermad, the craft beer market in Madrid. Beermad is the great craft beer festival in the capital of Spain; where your attendees will be able to get to know and try more than 150 different beers, mostly Spanish and by the brewers themselves.

Mercado de cerveza artesana

Beermad takes place at the Caja Mágica in Madrid, from June 8 to 11, 2018. In this, its third edition, it will also feature more than 15 hours of live concerts, workshops to learn a little how a Brewer starts and beer tastings led by real brewers and sommeliers, to find out what to appreciate in a good craft beer.

For the Beermad, you can buy the tickets directly on their web or at, they have a cost per day of 5 euros or if you prefer, the subscription for 3 days at 8 euro. Both tickets include a glass of the event and the first free drink worth 2 euros.

For more information about the event you can visit their website or their social networks.

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Beermad. Cerveza artesana