After three years of reforming an old textile warehouse just in front of Casa Calvet, one of the many buildings designed by Gaudí in Barcelona's Eixample district, La Textil Brewery Barcelona's thriving craft beer pool is being pumped. Led by American brewmasters Brian Blazek (California), concept creator and head brewer, and Ian Boucher (Oregon), who spent a good time cooking for Melvin Brewing Co. in Wyoming, La Textil has already made an impact on some connoisseurs of the local scene. So much so, that it has been selected to host the jury for the next Barcelona Beer Challenge 2021. Both are super familiar with the hoppy IPAs that currently dominate the market. However, in this first sample of 4 unique styles, they brewed beers with a versatility that will allow this new 'brewery' to welcome a diverse clientele, from more veterans to those who are just beginning to appear in this world. It is important to them to use local ingredients to create unique styles. This idea was also what made them put a Barcelona signature on a fruity pale ale; For inspiration they chose the prickly pears, typical of these Iberian lands! And although this beer is not part of the current release, beer aficionados can look forward to these and other unique creations when the bonanza returns.

Photo: Italo Morales