Brewtal Box #026 / APRIL 2020 - MARESME BREWERY & REC BREW

In this month of confinement caused by the Coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic, so difficult for everyone, at Brewtal we have decided to only support local Spanish producers, who are making incredible beers and who need our support to be able to bring their product directly to your hands We have selected Maresme Brewery and Rec Brew, they are both 'breweries' from Catalonia, who for some time have been surprising with their beers and their labels.



Maresme Brewery is the vital project of Aleix and Inma, founded in July 2017 after a couple of years experimenting and testing recipes as Nomad brewers. Like many other 'brewers', Aleix and Inma come from the world of 'homebrewer'. Their experience making homemade beer, some chemistry studies and experience in the hospitality industry encouraged both of them to launch their own 'brewery'. They are passionate about beer in its entirety, and don't focus on any particular style, in fact, they always say they love both ales and lagers. In 2019 they began to distribute and make themselves known beyond the premises they manage, creating current recipes such as Hazy IPA's or DIPA's, which are the styles of Maresme Brewery that we present to you in the April issue of Brewtal Box .



Style: Hazy Double IPA

Double cloudy IPA brewed with Falconer's Flight and Amarillo hops. It has a medium bitterness with great body from a tall mash, and its cloudiness from a good amount of oats. La Tectonica in a more citric profile of Grapefruit, Orange than its little sister (La Calima). If what you are looking for is an enhanced pairing, this cloudy DIPA can be perfectly accompanied by spicy and highly spiced foods, such as curry stews or spicy snacks (perfect to accompany Mexican, Indian or Thai dishes), since its own bitterness of the DIPAs highlights the sensation of spiciness in the mouth and spiciness enhances the bitter taste.

ABV: 7.8%

IBU: -



Style: Hazy IPA

This cloudy IPA was brewed with the famous Citra, Mosaic and Centennial hops. It has low bitterness and plenty of protein from a good dose of oats in the grist of malts. This beer has a classic IPA profile. In the mouth and nose you can feel (pleasantly) the tropical notes that the biotransformation of Citra and Mosaic hops gives it. In this spring that is starting to warm up, it will be a perfect beer to cool you down and to pair with meat, fish, asparagus, artichokes and even polenta!

ABV: 6.3%

IBU: -



Oriol and Edgar, the founders of Rec Brew met in 2016 at the Mediona craft beer festival (Catanuña), and in 2018 they began their adventure as 'gypsy brewers' which has led them to cook beers in many factories friends. That time as beer nomads has allowed them to concentrate on creating new recipes, improving them (giving their friends many liters to try!), opening a market and preparing the ground for the next phase, which is building their own factory in the Rec neighborhood. , in Igualada (Catalonia). His idea is not only to create a quality and local product in the region of Anoia (Catalonia), but also to help contribute to reviving the emblematic neighborhood of Rec.



Style: DDH IPA

Minivarietal beer with Citra hops and a pale orange color, medium body and a dry point, in aromas citrus and fruity notes stand out. As a good American IPA, Hentai is perfect to accompany with chicken burgers. If you are one of the daring, there is nothing like accompanying this beer with spicy food. In fact, Oriol and Edgar are huge fans of curry and Mexican chicken and cheese empanadas, and when they made Hentai they thought it would go well with this spicy food!

ABV: 6.5%

IBU: 50



Style: DDH Pale Ale

Beer pale in color and cloudy, silky on the palate where the resinous and fruity flavors of the hops predominate, moderate intensity and medium body. Fruity aromas where notes of grapefruit and orange peel stand out. Perfect to pair with any fried food, whether it's something as simple as French fries or fried chicken, or Katsudon for those who love Japanese food. If you are a fan of spicy food, you will find your refuge in quesadillas or beef tacos. And if you are a fan of cheese, do not miss the opportunity to accompany it with a good Permigiano Reggiano!

ABV: 5.5%

IBU: 20



Photography: Italo Morales