Brewtal Box #027 / MAY 2020 - GARAGE BEER & CO


Founded in Barcelona in 2015 by the Italian Alberto Zamborlini and the Englishman James Welsh. It all starts in a course with the late brewmaster Steve Huxley where Alberto and James meet. James comes from a family of brewmasters, and on Alberto's side, he discovers craft beer in Dublin after trying homebrew brewed by an American friend. It is in their garage in Dublin that their hobby of 'homebrewing' began and what inspired them both to use the name 'Garage'. They started with a 'brewpub' in the 'Eixample' neighborhood (in an area known among brewers as 'Beerxample'). After a few months they realized the success their beer and brand were having and decided to do a 'crowdfunding' to build a much larger factory in the industrial district of Sant Andreu (Barcelona). Two years have passed since the opening of its new factory and Garage has become one of the most original and acclaimed craft beers in Spain and has also achieved great international recognition, especially in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy. and Scandinavia. Its approach to branding has been done in a very careful way and it has been Sevkan Ariburnu ( @acrebstudio ), its creative director, who has been in charge of designing its labels which are made wait as long as their beers. They are loaded with originality, imagination and ease, turning each can into an object of desire for the ‘Desing & Craft Beer Lovers’; adding a new dimension to the experience and enjoyment of craft beer: an authentic visual aesthetic with a lot of personality.

** In March 2018, Brewtal published an article about Garage Beer & Co, which you can see here.



Style: Double IPA

Fresh out of the brewer (launched April 21st, so fresh!), 'No Dice' was made a few days before the COVID19 lockdown, and is one of the two or three most recent collaborations that Garage has released. It is a Double IPA and has been made together with the English brewery Deya Brewing Company from Cheltenham (England). This rather creamy and aromatic DIPA is a true hop festival, combining the fruity and citrus tones of Mosaic and Palisade hops with the piney hint of Columbus. There is no hamburger or barbecue that resists pairing with this beer!

ABV: 8. 5%




Style: IPA

All Together is a global and open collaboration joined by more than 600 breweries from around the world. The initiative was created by the famous New York brewery Other Half Brewing Co. to increase support for professionals in the restaurant industry at a time when the Covid19 pandemic has impacted them so significantly. It is an effort to raise awareness and provide relief, even in the smallest way, to those who are struggling to survive. For this, Other Half has invited any 'brewery' from any corner of the planet to participate. The base recipe is an open source IPA and was designed to be easily prepared with fairly common ingredients that most brewers can find, but each brewery has been able to put their own personal touch on the recipe and graphic design of the label. Taking advantage of this global initiative Garage Beer & Co. decided to support ‘raise your fork’, a collective of independent bars and restaurants in Barcelona, ​​and has created their own version of “All Together IPA”!

ABV: 6.5%

IBU: -



Style: LAGER

This is the first time in the history of the Garage Beer Co. that cans a lager. It was made in collaboration with the famous Milanese brewery Birrficio Lambrate (Italy). It is a very hoppy and at the same time refreshing Pilsener with notes of grass, and with a good body. It is what Garage calls a Hoppy Pils and to give it that 'hoppy' touch, a good load of Citra and Mosaic hops have been added both in its firing and in the dry-hopping. It is very easy to drink, especially on the warmer days of spring. We assure you that it will leave you wanting more!

ABV: 5%




Style: Berliner Weisse

This Berliner Weisse, of the imperial type, is a full-bodied beer that is quite fruity and refreshing, despite its high alcohol content, which is not typical for this style. It has been brewed in collaboration with the super creatives of Collective Arts Brewing (Hamilton, Canada) and in its preparation a red fruit bomb was added: 650 kg. of blackcurrants, blueberries and blackberries with a touch of lactose to soften and round the body. Among the four beers in this May line-up, perhaps the most appropriate beer to drink one of these sunny spring afternoons accompanied by a salad, with conté cheese, or even with a dark chocolate cake!

ABV: 8.5%



Photo: Garage Beer Co.