Brewtal Box #030 / AUGUST 2020 - ODDITY BREWING

In August, a very hot month, we bring you beers from two super interesting brewing projects: ODDITY Brewing who launched a few months ago with a spectacular IPA and the well-known PENÍNSULA whom we invited for the first time a couple of years ago when they were just starting their project.


ODDITY Brewing is the natural evolution of Ivan Raho's career through gourmet restaurants, craft beer bars and breweries, including Garage Beer, Wylam and Whiplash Beer. After five years of learning and experimenting in the world of craft beer, having obtained the General Certificate of Brewing in 2018 and covering the position of Junior Brewer in the last two factories, Ivan has decided to set up his own project together with his partner Vicky Navarro. , in charge of brand communication and branding.

“ODDITY represents that lingering feeling of turmoil that keeps us moving and our love of consistency. We've never had a better feeling about the time and place we live in, where the unique and different can turn weirdness into a distinguished quality. It's time to express our visions the way they deserve, viscerally, and doing what we love to do: smooth, hoppy beers; dark and decadent; sours with a life of their own. ”

Ivan Raho



Style: Pale Ale

A Pale Ale brewed with a good base of malted barley, low frequency wheat and fluffy oats. Following the Oddity boys' love of good quality Centennial hops, it's happily fermented with plenty of Lemon Drop and Cashmere. Its touch of grass and berries is accentuated through a tropical and slightly sweet touch. Resolutely tonic, smooth and soft, Youngsters on Dominoes registers 5.2% ABV giving away its best notes of mandarin and fruit salad from the 90s. “No matter how screwed up you are, Youngsters on Dominoes will transport you to Better Times!”

ABV: 5.2%

IBU: -



Style: New England IPA

Shedland is the take on a modern IPA, where Vicky and Ivan envision a beer that is unsaturated, but highly hoppy. Modern Dry Hopping processes, perfectly adapted water and the good quality of the wort play an essential role in maintaining those 16gr/Lt of hops. The common trait between SHEDLAND and YOUNGSTERS ON DOMINIES is the bittering hops, Columbus and Centennial, selected for their large amount of oils, which create that clean and subtle back bone dry bitterness. They chose top hops like Ekuanot and Idaho 7 in the Dry Hopping processes, and tried to create a link between the two, adapting and using the Ekuanot sparingly in both additions – being able to develop some aromas of grapefruit and lemon leaf characteristic of this one – and supplementing it with the vast majority of pulp fruit they could get from the Idaho 7. Yeast is the king, and needless to say more!

ABV: 6.2%

IBU: -



Peninsula is a beer-loving family's dream. Román and his father, Juan Ramón, both originally from Venezuela, had their first contact with craft beer in Colorado – USA, where they began to experiment as home brewers. After years of making his own beer, Román is doing more formal studies in California, in order to make his dream of opening a brewery in Madrid come true, where, as they themselves say, they want to "share beers that they like to drink and whose recipes have been developed with care. In 2017 they opened their brewery, where they are dedicated to producing 4 line beers and their seasonal beers, all with a marked American style. A very young company, but with a lot of experience, which has won the Best New Brewery award at the Barcelona Beer Challenge 2019 and the Best American Style IPA in Spain at the World Beer Awards 2018.




Style: Session IPA

Translucent and fruity, Puro Tropikal is brewed with citrus hops Bravo, Citra, Summit and Mosaic. The 'dry-hopping' (process of adding hops directly in the fermenter) makes this beer an authentic tropical delicacy, where the citrus flavors and aromas of Pineapple, Mango and Passion Fruit stand out on backgrounds yellow and barley foam. In essence, all the power of an IPA but with a low alcohol content. A light beer with a lot of personality that is perfect to relax and enjoy as if you had your feet buried in the sand.

ABV: 5.0%

IBU: 40



Style: American Pale Ale

After a long time, Peninsula relaunches its Summer Smash and given its great success, Brewtal includes it for the second time. It is a pale ale focused on simplicity and its home brewing roots. SMaSH is a technique where only one type of malt and one type of hops are used (Single Malt and Single Hop). In its elaboration they used Golden Promise malt and Yellow hops. This combination makes for a light bodied, citrusy and golden beer, perfect for those hot summer days.

ABV: 4.5%

IBU: 30



Photograph: Italo Morales , Oddity Brewing and Cervecera Peninsula