Brewtal Box #033 / NOV 2020 - ANIMUS BREWING

This month the Brewtal Box brings our subscribers a new project born in Barcelona during the pandemic. This is Animus Brewing Co. , a microbrewery that is becoming so successful that each batch of beer they brew is exhausted from the moment it is in the fermentation tanks, which ensures the freshness of their beers. In fact, the Animus beers in this Brewtal Box have been bottled a few days before shipping it to our subscribers throughout Spain!


The initiative arose from a couple with the premise of pouring into their products, their aesthetics and their recipes, the set of ideas and cultural trends collected over the years living around the world. After a few years in the beer and advertising sector, they noticed a certain tendency to shut down and cut off the exchange of ideas. They observed that this makes the products resemble each other in a certain way. Although the styles they brew are quite classic or 'trendy', they do not close their doors to brewing slightly more daring beers and above all to collaborating with other breweries and artists. Unfortunately the pandemic has prevented them from social contact, but it is within their plans to organize events where music, art and craft beer are mixed, in order to attract different visions to the project from where each one thinks they can. They have the artist Máximo Balestrini, the artist behind the art of the labels, which is proof that the aesthetics of the brand is a super priority, which they try to take care of as much as possible. Máximo's works range from digital art to watercolors through traditional pencil.


Beer: Medivm

Style: Cryo Pale Ale

This pale ale with cryo hops is a collaboration with another Spanish microbrewery called The Rookie Brewing. In the 'cryo' version of Citra and Mosaic hops, the lupulin is extracted from the hop cones at extremely low temperatures, thus capturing and concentrating all the resins and aromatic oils of the hops. The result is a citric, tropical beer with a medium bitterness. Very easy to drink, very fresh and ideal to repeat. It can be paired just like an IPA but since it has less alcohol and bitterness, it is ideal to accompany, especially with snacks. Suggestions: Sweet potato or almond chips with curry.

ABV: 5.0%

IBU: -


Beer: Gemini

Style: Double IPA

With tropical and citrus flavors, this Double IPA, a style also known in Europe as Imperial IPA (IIPA), is a kind of West Coast Double IPA but with a lower malt profile and more accentuated hops, which hides a lot its high alcohol content (perfect for the upcoming cold autumn days!). DIPAs are beers that are recommended to be served in small glasses to drink and enjoy their aromas and flavors slowly. It is recommended to pair Gemini with smoked foods, fish and even sweets such as chocolate truffles. Smoked salmon pairs very well with this DIPA, and for vegetarians we recommend pairing it with smoked seitan.

ABV: 8.5%

IBU: -


Beer: Hīrō ヒーロー

Style: West Coast IPA

Hīrō means hero in Japanese and this California-style West Coast IPA is the heroine of Animus. It is bitter, on the dry side and its fruity and citrus hops (Citra, Cascade and Centenial) together with its aroma of pine and resins make it a deliciously easy to drink beer. She is not only the “Hīrō”, but she is also the star of the house. Peter, the Animus 'brewmaster', decides to make it to rescue a style that was once the trend for the 'breweries' that were starting to brew beer, but which has been abandoned by many of them and by the consumers themselves given the appearance of the popular Hazy IPA or East Coast IPA. You can pair this beer very well with salty, spicy, fast food or finger food. Suggestions: BBQ ribs. Vegetarians: spicy falafel

ABV: 6.5%

IBU: -


Beer: Experimental Potion 1 (EXP. P1)

Style: Funky Single Hop IPA

Definitely the most complex beer this month. It is cloudy, fruity and refreshing. It has little retention of the foam due to the acidity contributed by the maceration in the highest range of its yeast. The yeast strain used, although it does not contain bacteria, generates citrus notes that are different from those we are used to in fruity New England IPAs, which gives it the title of FUNKY! We could not say that it is an acid beer (or 'Sour' style), but it definitely has a touch of more acidity than we are used to savoring in IPAs. A beer to taste and try to demand our palate. We recommend pairing with spicy cheeses and intense aromas, fish and shellfish. Suggestions: mussels with a little fresh lemon, and for vegetarians we suggest pairing with blue cheese and grapes.

ABV: 7.0%

IBU: -