Brewtal Box #036 / FEB 2021 - OSO BREW CO


David Ross and Patrick Tuck are the founders of what today is Oso Brew Co, a nomadic brewery, and La Osita, a bar or “public house”, as the sign says. the entrance to the Cava Baja, a step away from the Plaza Mayor. Dave and Patrick are both English, both former rugby players and both home brewers. They came to Madrid as Erasmus students in 2007 but it was not until 2018, after finishing their respective degrees and working in businesses related to the hospitality industry in England, that they decided to come to Madrid to launch the idea of ​​Oso Brew. They were inspired by Madrid and its people to give it this name. And what better than using the famous bear emblem of Madrid as a reference?

Their philosophy as brewers is “easy to drink, simple beers, and with a clear British influence”, which is why they invite the well-known Joe Gallimore, who was brewmaster of Oso Brew, to join Oso Brew. Garage Beer Co in Barcelona and who brings with him an unbeatable experience having produced some of the best beers in Europe. Right now the trio is looking for a place to set up a brewpub and have their own facilities to make their beers.



Style: IPA

With a rating of 4. 06 in the prestigious UNTAPPD app (incredible rating!), “Core” is a fairly smooth and drinkable IPA with tropical and citrus aromas, with a super juicy body thanks to its load of oats, wheat and dextrin malt. Added Simcoe and Mosaic hops create that explosion of tropical fruit that fills the nose and mouth. It's honestly non-stop drinking no matter what time of year! It can be paired with any protein dish, such as a good barbecue meat, baked chicken and even oily fish such as trout, salmon and tuna.

ABV: 6%

IBU: 25



Style: Triple IPA

Packaged just a few days ago (fresh! fresh!), Jaw Dropper is the latest creation from head brewer Joe Gallimore and will literally blow your mind (that's why they named it the Jaw Dropper). It is a triple dry IPA and quite balanced on the palate, which has been brewed with Verdant yeast and a super dose of juicy Cashmere, Simcoe and Mosaic hops. It is an ideal super beanbag to drink in this cold winter, especially in those parts of Spain where the storm Filomena has brought a lot of snow and cold. As for the pairing, perhaps the most surprising quality of the double, triple and quadruple IPAs is how well they combine with spicy foods, so nothing better to pair the "Jaw" than dishes from Thai, Indian or Mexican cuisine.

ABV: 11%

IBU: 30



Style: Berliner Weisse - Raspberry

Berliner Weisse is a style on the spectrum of sour-style beers that originated in Germany near Berlin, and was very popular there in the late 19th century (it was Berlin Champagne!). Oso Brew has created its own Berliner Weisse recipe and has named it Chamberí Berry as part of its initiative to create an ode to Madrid: "three beers for the three neighborhoods closest to our hearts" (Lavapiés, Chamberí and La Latina).

This sour packs quite a fruit punch, with loads of juicy raspberries (about 47g/l) added late in the fermentation to minimize flavor loss and maximize impact. On the other hand, the BRY-97 yeast highlights the raspberry and produces a super balanced beer, with fruit, acidity and body. To drink all day.

ABV: 5%

IBU: -



Style: Gingerbread Latte Imperial Stout

It's a festive Imperial Stout inspired by the classic gingerbread latte. It was made with ginger, biscuit and specialty coffee from Honduras, to give the beer a round and fruity body and flavor, specially toasted for the preparation of this beer by Toma Café, one of the best roasters in Madrid specialty coffee. This 11% ABV beast, as Patrick and Dave call it, has a thick, velvety body, with toasted biscuit, subtly spiced ginger, sweet vanilla and fruity cold brew coffee flavors all combining to create a sumptuous beer. and decadent. What better to warm up this winter than an 11% Imperial Stout?

ABV: 11%

IBU: 45




Photographs and renders: Italo Morales & Oso Brew Co