Brewtal Box #052 / JUN 2022 - REC BREW


Oriol and Edgar met at the XI Mostra de Cervesa Artesana de Mediona in 2016 but it was not until the end of 2018 that they began to shape what is today the project Rec Brew. By the beginning of 2019 they were brewing their beers as "gyspsy brewers" renting the factories of other more established "brewers". During that period they brewed their first three beers, two of which are now their flagship: Hentai (DDH American IPA), Naked Lunch (Amber Ale) and Martyrdom (Amber Ale). Currently Rec Brew combines its range of leading beers, easy-to-drink beers and for all audiences with tremendous quality, with very creative monthly news. Real hop juices and some acid from time to time!



Style: DDH American IPA

Hentai is Rec Brew's first double dry-hopped IPA and flagship.
It is a single varietal American IPA with Citra hops. Pale orange in color, medium body and a dry point on the palate. Citra's double dry hopping makes fruity notes stand out on the nose, reminiscent of mango or passion fruit.

Hops: Citra

ABV: 6.5%

IBU: 35



Style: DDH Double NEIPA

Super fruity aromas from Citra hops, plus phrase from Strata hops and passion fruit from Galaxy hops. 8% degrees that will flow down your throat, which you will only notice after a few good dances and well harmonized with its 10 IBUs (nothing bitter) on your palate.

Hops: Strata, Citra & Galaxy

ABV: 8.0%

IBU: 10



Style: DDH West Coast IPA (Gluten Free)

The Saigon is Gluten Free and is loaded with a double dry hopping of Centennial, Columbus & Cascade hops. With its 40 IBUs of bitterness, we find ourselves in front of a bitter, clean and very very refreshing beer. Ideal for the hot days that are coming.

ABV: 6.2%

IBU: 40


Beer: 08700

Style: DDH IPA

New Rec Brew beer that has been created to honor the city of its founders, Igualada (Catalonia), which this year holds the Capital of Catalan Culture 2022. It is a pale orange IPA, very crystalline, medium-bodied and with a dry point on the palate. The double dry hopping of hops.

ABV: 5.7%

IBU: 30