Brewtal Box #1

It's hard work, but someone has to do it. After many tests, Louran our beer sommelier made a great selection for the Brewtal Box in March. A bit of Spain, UK, and Sweden in our first box, bottles and cans with great designs and the best beers. What will come in April?

Tell your friends and write us your comments, what is your favorite style?

The guys at Magic Rock Brewing bring us Fantasma, a cloudy, gluten-free IPA, golden in color, somewhat bitter and with an aroma of tropical fruits, full-bodied and easy to drink. Perfect to accompany a spicy dish. Try it, can you guess what is gluten free?

Soma Beer, made in Girona, packs a bombshell of Nelson Sauvin and Galaxy hops into this Double Dry Hopped Double IPA. This pair of hops originating from New Zealand and Australia provide fruity and white wine aromas

The Omnipollo team designs its recipes in Sweden and produces them in breweries around the world. This month you will find their award-winning Maz, which is an American Pale Ale produced in Belgium, it has a dense aroma of hops with some peach. Bitter but at the same time soft on the palate.

And how about Black Block, an Imperial Stout from La Pirata? Malty, with aroma of coffee and chocolate, moderately sweet, perfect to accompany a good steak or how about leaving it for dessert and having it with a chocolate cake?