Brewtal Box #11


Whiplash is an old acquaintance of our subscribers, this time we come with a very hoppy and easy-drinking American Pale Ale and an India Pale Ale.

And with a name in English, created by an Italian and produced in Belgium, White Pony brings us beers with a lot of European character.


White Pony is a project devised in 2012 by an Italian, son of an Italo-Belgian family, who, unable to find a job as a nurse, decided to experiment and produce beers that do not stop winning awards.

Beer: Zumbi
Style: Imperial Porter

Zumbi was a Brazilian anti-imperialist hero, who inspires this beer with a complex character of coffee, dark chocolate, caramel, nuts and caramel.

It is recommended to pair with dried meat, BBQ or even for desserts, a tiramisu.

Alcohol: 9.3%. Bitterness: 36 IBU

Beer: Ankles Breaker
Style: Barleywine

Made with rye and American hops, very light in body for style, with a sweet and sour flavor and tropical aromas, a spices, raspberries, fruits yellows and meringue, which ends with a good bitter balance.

Take it with fruit desserts and salads.

Alcohol: 10.0%. Bitterness: 85 IBU

WHIPLASH (Ireland)

Alan and Alex started the Whiplash project in 2016, renting out tanks and brewing in teams of brewing friends. In 2017 they decided to go into the business full time and in 2018 they started to take it really seriously. A short story about this brewery, which is one of the favorites of one of the members of the Brewtal team. A lot of hops and a lot of art in each of its cans.

Beer: Let Forever Be
Style: American Pale Ale

Simcoe it is one of Whiplash's favorite hops and this is the only one used in this beer in a hopping technique called Whirlpool, in addition to a high charge during dry hopping. This APA shines for its simplicity, without oats or wheat, only Pale and Carapils and Vermont yeast.

In addition to its freshness, do you feel the aromas of pine, pineapple and resins. What else do you notice?

Alcohol: 5.5%. Bitterness: -- IBU

Beer: Northern Lights
Style: Session IPA

For a break from high-alcohol beers, this Micro IPA is a modern interpretation of a table beer. To achieve a full-bodied, drinkable beer with such low alcohol, a super-hot mash technique of his recipe is used with Vienna malt and lots of oats and wheat.

And if you want to know more about the artists, check out @sophie_devere's social media, who did the graphic design for this particular can.

Alcohol: 2.8%. Bitterness: -- IBU

What else will Brewtal bring us in 2019? We would like you to tell us what you would like to receive in terms of styles and breweries in our next boxes. Comment on our Facebook or Instagram @bebrewtal or write to us at hello@bebrewtal. com

Photos: Italo Morales