Brewtal Box #16


In 2015, more than 300 crowdfunding companies and one bank were crazy enough to fund the Uiltje brewery's mission: “to brew f*cking good beer!” (make good beer!). In 2016, that mission became a reality when the new brewery in the brewing city of Haarlem, the Netherlands, opened in September and founder Robbert Uyleman began brewing at full speed. Their logo is an owl with a very sharp tongue that symbolizes the artisanal and uncompromising nature of their beers, and their penchant for mischief while creating and brewing them. On a typical day, they play with the familiar: unfiltered beer, silky wheat beers and American IPAs with a sour edge, but by night, from their medieval Haarlem venue, they explore the true extremes of craft beer, where hops It is usually the great protagonist.


Style: New England Imperial IPA

Mosaic Mammoth has been created by Het Uiltje to teach the Dutch market how to drink the most heady style of beer in the craft beer segment: the IPA. Despite the relatively high alcohol content (8.0%), this New England Imperial IPA gives off a fruity impression and is not heavy at all. As the name implies, this beer uses only the American flavor of Mosaic hops, but come on, a lot of them! The result is intense hop notes with strong aromas of mandarin, citrus, pineapple and hints of herbs.

Style: Juicy Pale Ale

It is a beer with Mosaic, Amarillo and Centennial hops. The guys at Het Uiltje call it a Juicy Pale Ale, but it resembles an American Pale Ale. It has a delicious fruity flavor with hints of peaches and a little acidity, the beer is a bit cloudy when poured and has a somewhat dry but fine finish. We recommend drinking it at a temperature of 5 to 6 degrees Celsius to enjoy it to the fullest.



Located in the town of Almacelles (Catalonia) in a 19th century house that belonged to the parents of one of its founders, Lo Vilot was the first organically produced micro-malting plant in Catalonia, and today it is an organic craft brewery that It brews its beers with its own ingredients, which allows it to control all phases of the brewing process. Its founders, Oscar Mogilnicki and Quiones Pujol, call it the “Full Circle Beer Project”. They themselves have been responsible for planting some 4,000 hop plants (a difficult plant to grow in low latitudes!) and some seven hectares of malting barley to supply the brewery's demand.


Style: Berliner Weisse

Mixture of styles between sour beers with fruit and IPAs. Made with local natural apricots and a large amount of hops added after fermentation, which make it an original and very aromatic beer, while on the palate it is slightly bitter and at the same time acid. Gold medal at the Frankfurt International Trophy.

Style: Belgian Ale Gluten Free

Blond beer suitable for celiacs (gluten treatment), conceived as a moderately malty Belgian ale, somewhat fruity, easy to drink, amber in color and slightly bitter. The malt character tends to be biscuit with a light roast while the hop character is moderately floral.

Photograph: Italo Morales