The most lovers of the India Pale Ale (IPA) style are going to feast this month of Christmas parties in which we bring you four canned IPAs from the well-known Beavertown Brewery from England and Amundsen Briggery from Norway.



In 2011, a pair of Norwegian investors created Amundsen Bryggeri & Spiseri (Brewery & Eatery), a gastro-pub in the heart of Oslo, a few steps from City Hall. Today, Amundsen is the largest brewery in Oslo and one of the fastest growing breweries in Norway. Their motto being "created by artisans", they are dedicated to brewing the highest quality beers for non-conformists. Each beer feels meticulously crafted with a delicate balance of hop flavor and a smooth, juicy mouthfeel. Fruity IPAs, sours and stouts are the styles in which they focus the most. By trying their beers you will know why they are so amazing!

Geoffrey van Vuuren, who is one of its co-owners, is one of those who likes to swim against the current: “when all the other breweries were making standard IPAs, we wanted to make fruity IPAs!”



Style: Modern Day IPA

“Tinta y Daga” as it would translate into Spanish, is a modern IPA brewed with Pilsner malt, like almost all Amundsen beers. This beer is crisp, clean, and deliciously hoppy. When served in a glass, you can see a cloudy golden color and immediately feel its fruity and citrus aromas. The real key to this beer is its drinkability. This is an IPA that is easy to drink thanks to its light body and its aromas and flavors of tropical fruits and citrus (pineapple, passion fruit and mango among others). It is a quality beer and an excellent thirst quencher.



Style: New England IPA

Amundsen says they created this beer to be enjoyed as the last beer of your life. This delicious New England-style IPA, with a veiled yellow color, is loaded with very juicy tropical fruit notes and a good underlying bitterness, all together with a pleasant texture thanks to the addition of lactose and malted oats. Like Ink & Dagger, it is an extremely refreshing beer with citrus aromas and flavors. Soft and velvety on the palate. They say its taste will make you feel alive as the world collapses around you, and they're not wrong!



Founded in 2011 by Logan Plant, son of legendary Led Zeppelin lead singer Robert Plant. Beavertown was born in Hackney (London), in an old establishment called Duke’s Brew & Que, where Logan began producing only about 650 liters per batch. The idea for founding 'Beavertown' really begins over 20 years ago, while Logan was playing in touring bands for E. AND OR OR , Europe and New Zealand. His interest in beer began as a child, following his father around pubs in the West Midlands (England). It was the communal aspect of the pubs that drew him, “and on the bar in those pubs: there were these mysterious things called 'beer'”. Today it has become one of London's leading breweries, and its modern beers and fantastic illustrations by Nick Dwyer (all works of art!) have developed a significant fan base across the globe. world.



Style: Session IPA

The name “Neck Oil” comes from an old term Logan Plant's great-grandfather used to yell when he wanted to go down to the pub for a pint of “thirst-quenching neck oil”. When this Session IPA was conceived, the idea was to create an IPA so light and refreshing that it could be drunk from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. m , all day every day! So they made it low ABV, ultra pale, crisp, light, and heavily hopped. The result is a fruity “easy” IPA, with the bitterness of the hop load and pleasant to drink.



Style: IPA

After months of experimentation and testing, the latest version of this beer is finally born, which has become the first “core IPA” of Beavertown. The Lupuloid is a very well brewed beer with a great tropical aroma and a good solid malt body that leads to a fruity dry hop character, which is then complemented by the yeast. It has a dry and long-lasting finish on the palate. One of the best IPAs to ever come out of the UK.



Photograph: Italo Morales