Brewtal Box #7

Drinking Local

Let's support the local artisan movement!

It is no secret that the boom in the craft beer sector has been unstoppable in recent years and at Brewtal we want to support the local movement and its entrepreneurs.

For these last days of summer we come with a very special box, for the first time we bring 4 beers from the same house and it is that the Cervecera Península deserves it. Cheers!

Peninsula, the dream of a beer-loving family

Román and his father, Juan Ramón, have their first contact with craft beer in Colorado – USA, where they begin to experiment as home brewers.

After years of making his own beer, Román is doing more formal studies in California, in order to make his dream of opening a brewery in Madrid come true, where, as they say, they want to 'share beers that they like to drink and whose recipes have been carefully developed'

In 2017 they opened their brewery, with a capacity of 100. 000 liters, where they are dedicated to producing 4 line beers and their seasonal beers, all with a marked American type.

A very young company, but with a lot of experience, which has won the award for the best American Style IPA in Spain at the World Beer Awards 2018.

This month's Brewtal Box comes with 2 line and 2 seasonal beers. After trying them, you will surely want to visit the Peninsula family at their factory that is near Madrid and opens to the public on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Beer: Puro Tropikal

Style: Pale Ale

A final addition of hops directly in the maturation tank (dry hopping) makes this beer a true tropical delicacy, where the citrus flavors and aromas of pineapple, mango and passion fruit stand out on yellow backgrounds and foam barley. This beer is pure tropics in a bottle!

Recommended pairing: soft cheeses, meats, fish and fast food

Alcohol: 5%. Bitterness: 40 IBU

Beer: Journey

Style: Blonde Ale

Travesía is a Blonde Ale (blonde beer) fermented at a low temperature, despite its traditional English Ale yeast. It is a perfect beer for day-to-day "journeys". Intense golden in color, it has a soft and fresh aroma from its 5 malts and Magnum and Saaz


It is the softest beer on the Peninsula, for those who are new to the artisan world or for those who want to cool off on a summer day.

Recommended pairing: soft cheeses, fast food, meats

Alcohol: 5.0%. Bitterness: 20 IBU

Beer: IPA

Style: American IPA

The winner of the best IPA in Spain 2018 at the World Beer Awards 2018!

Take advantage while it lasts, as this seasonal beer is the new star of the house. Without a doubt, hops are the main protagonist of this 55 IBU beer, the combination of Cascade, Centennial, Citra, Ekuanot and Simcoe hops provide a citrus and resinous explosion that will not want to leave your mouth and will leave you wanting more.

Recommended pairing: strong cheeses, fish, barbecues.

Alcohol: 6%. Bitterness: 55 IBU

Beer: Summer Smash

Style: American Pale Ale

The return to simplicity. This seasonal beer is also brewed with a technique that only uses one hop and one barley. Its name comes from the English SMaSH: Single Malt and Single Hop

Golden Promise barley and yellow hops create a light-bodied, citrusy, easy-drinking beer.

Alcohol: 5.0%. Bitterness: 20 IBU

Recommended pairing: hard dishes, meat, fish and fast food.

Do you have any local craft beer suggestions?

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