Brewtal Box #9


Give the darker artisans a chance!

This month we come with some refreshing beers, some very hoppy and others very malty, all very balanced.

We continue with the local drink movement, bringing a few beers from Black Lab, one of the first brewpubs in Barcelona, ​​who recently started canning little potholes of some of their Pale Ale.

And from Denmark, we bring you a couple of dark beers from the guys at Beer Here with tremendous quality and cool label designs.

BLACKLAB Brewhouse & Kitchen

BlackLab was born in 2014 as a project founded by a Minnesota brewer, E. AND OR OR and a Chinese-Spanish restaurateur. The name BlackLab comes from the black lab and from the black labrador, as the founders have a beautiful dog named Lola; This play on words is reflected in its logo, as the labrador wears glasses like a scientist.

What better way to guarantee the freshness of the beer than when you produce it a few meters from your table? So when you go through Barcelona, ​​ask for a tour or go enjoy an artisan at Blacklab in the company of Jing and Matt, who you find there all the time.

Jing is also a champion of the Pink Boots Society movement, which is an association dedicated to promoting women's careers in the beer industry through education.

Style: IPA

For fans of IPAs, an American-style one loaded with Citra hops, with a very marked aroma of tropical and citrus fruits. This amber colored beer is the star of the house and is liked by both experienced brewers looking for lots of hops and novice brewers still looking for a rounded bitterness level.

Alcohol: 7.0%. Bitterness: 61 IBU

BlackLab Claudia

Style: American Pale Ale

Described as an APA, but very close to an English Pale Ale, it uses some malts toast that balances nicely with Chinook and Mosaic hops, which in this case are used primarily for bittering.

Alcohol: 5.0%. Bitterness: IBU

BlackLab 1480


We go to Denmark where in 2008 the pioneer of the Danish beer scene, Christian Skovdal Andersen founded his second brewery , having started in 2004 Ølfabrikken, with which he built a reputation for making amazing beers.

This new project is nomadic, meaning that it does not have its own plant, but instead produces its beers in different parts of the world, which has also given it the opportunity to make brilliant collaborations with some of the best brewers . Many of his creations are based on historical styles, mixed with his irreverent touch but always looking for balance.

As a curious fact, the illustrations are done by Christian himself by hand.

Dark Hops
Style: Black IPA

A strong ale, with the bitterness of an IPA, quite dry and hoppy. This beer is made with Maris Otter malts and smoked malt, and two types of hops, the traditional Saaz and Zeus, plus sugar is added to raise the alcohol level, among other things.

This beer ages well, if you have the patience leave one stored in a cool place and try it in a few months to enhance its flavors and aromas.

Alcohol: 8.5%. Bitterness: 80 IBU

Style: Baltic Porter

The Baltic Porter style comes from the porter trade between the Baltic states, and are typically robust and somewhat sweet beers, reflecting both the character of original British Porters and the sweetness and alcohol level of an Imperial Stout.

This beer has such complex flavors that it must be paired with foods with intense flavors so that none of them lose their characteristics. We recommend taking it with smoked red meats or with creamy desserts.

Alcohol: 8.0%. Bitterness: IBU

Beer Here Himonussija

What styles do you like best for the colder months?
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Photo: Italo Morales