Garage Beer Co. - When craft beer and design make a "perfect match"

Independent brewers have not only revolutionized the rules when it comes to beer brewing and flavors; They have also made it a means of expressing art, originality and the passion of its creators. Already broad and varied, the Barcelona cultural scene has been making way for craft beer as an unmissable plan in the agendas of those of us who make the most of the city and live it to the fullest.

And if there is something that sets craft beer apart, it is the experience provided by the environment where we drink and enjoy it. Garage Beer Co. is one of the hot spots of the well-known Beerxample, where the offer of Craft beer establishments and places of worship is increasingly rich and interesting.

The vintage and industrial style that characterizes the Bar, located in the Universitat area, have made the place a place of worship for craft beer or as brewmaster Steve Huxley would call it: liquid poetry. Huxley served for years as a mentor to those passionate about bottle fermentation, giving courses and talks, as well as supporting all the initiatives of the young emerging sector.

It is in a talk by Steve, where the owners and creators of the concept of Garage Beer Co. met for the first time and sowed the seed of what would become a successful project: with a list of brewed beers that borders on the hundred, a production that triples the initial one and a recently inaugurated factory that gives continuity and expansion to the beer proposal that they have been offering.

Design is one more ingredient in the creative process of Garage Beer Co. Since the birth of the concept and more specifically for the launch of its canned format, the brand's approach to branding has been done very carefully. The beer labels make you wait and are full of originality, imagination and ease, turning each can into an object of desire for Desing & Craft Beer Lovers; adding a new dimension to the experience and enjoyment of craft beer: an authentic visual aesthetic with a lot of personality.

In the Bar you can find the usual selection of house craft beers, plus an itinerant selection of new experimental flavors made in the initial factory, located at the back of the premises. They also have a gastronomic offer of dishes that are perfect as an accompaniment to a refreshing and flavorful pint (nachos, hummus, quesadillas, tables...).

But the most interesting are the pairings they frequently make with other chefs and projects with a crafty and urban philosophy such as Chivuos, Warike Project, La Porca, among others. His usual monthly releases of cans loaded with design and flavor, accompanied by the best food, live music and guest artists; They are a meeting place and special occasion for lovers of the city's beer scene.

The Bar of Garage Beer Co. is located at Carrer de Consell de Cent, 261 and the Garage Sant Andreu Factory at Carrer de Sant Adriá, 66. | Instagram @garagebeerco

Text: Gaby D'Aloia | Photography: Italo Morales