Soma Beer: Alchemists of Hops.

Soma Beer

With a name and concept that refers to the core of a space, and that Aldous Huxley in his book "A Brave New World" described as the drug of complete and instant happiness, SOMA Beer offers a Sensory beer experience, home made and in which hops are the protagonist.

Ramón Prats is the founder and brewer of Soma Beer. His story with beer begins as a hobby. A nature lover, he used to live in a self-sufficient farmhouse in Pla de L'Estany from where his curiosity and desire to work his imagination led him to buy his first home-brewing book and do his first experiments. < T2>

Ramón is a perfectionist and passionate. He had studied Graphic Design, but led by the temptation of his new hobby, he divided his days between working in the kitchen and devouring as many craft beer blogs and forums as he could. His local influences arise from reading the well-known referent and his interest in forums in the United States that lead him to become passionate about the highly appreciated IPA's.

His first homemade productions of him were 50 liters in barrels and the result improved each time, so his beer was echoing in the area and that is how the product became known. But it is not until by chance or pure destiny, and without even having a name or thinking about business, a neighbor of Ramón orders his first 100 liters of beer to be served at a party.

But that would not be the final destination of that production. In the end, the party was canceled and not knowing what to do with so many liters, he offered them to a Bar in Girona that was instantly enchanted by the great flavor and aromas of his creation and decided to buy the entire production to serve it in the bar, which It could not have a name other than “The first glop”, the first drink. Full of timely coincidences, this is how the first official sale of what would later become SOMA Beer takes place.

SOMA is an infinite search for quality, to improve itself production after production and always betting on the quality of the ingredients and the care in the processes. Almost two years ago, the micro-brewery finally settled in a place in Girona where Ramón was in charge of the entire process in an artisan way. The first format to explore and the one that has become his first letter of introduction are his appreciated home-made cans of course and whose design has given much to talk about due to its direct, minimalist and geometrically clean concept.

Soma Beer

Currently they manage a production in cans and barrels of 4000 liters per month that has traveled throughout Spain, becoming the preferred IPAS of the Spanish public, ranking them with the number 1 in all of Spain on the Untappd portal. With its two lines COMBO Y PYRAMID of the West Coast style, IPAS has positioned itself very well, apart from the more experimental limited edition that they release monthly.

Soma Beer

Soma Beer

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Text: Gaby D'Aloia | Photography: Italo Morales