Trans Ibérico Express: the beer roadtrip of Van Moll Craft Beer

When you are adventurous and passionate, the search for experiences that bring together what we like to do the most becomes a challenge and an art. That's when the best ideas are born and we feel inspired to share and create.

Since 2013, in the heart of Eindhoven, the Netherlands; Van Moll Craft Beer was born as a small brew-pub and creative laboratory where craft beers have been brewed that, as their creators say, challenge the line of convention but without exaggerating. “We mix tradition and knowledge with a pinch of confidence and daring to prepare the perfect party. And that is exactly what it is: a feast for the palate for all who dare to try it”.

Last June, the team at @vanmollcraftbeer, inspired by their love of craft beer and the strong relationships they have built with some of the most popular brewers in Spain, decided to embark on an unprecedented adventure. A trip of more than 4,000 km by car in which they would travel by road from Holland, visiting their favorite Spanish breweries and designing very special editions of our favorite drink with them.

Seven breweries were selected to participate in this great collaborative roadtrip. All the creations will be served during the Van Moll Fest 2018 on August 26. An international beer festival that has been bringing together a varied selection of craft breweries from different parts of the world in the city of Eindhoven for the last 4 years and offering attendees a super cool atmosphere with local food, music and lots of fun.

The breweries participating in this trip of brewing collaborations are: Bidassoa Basque Brewery and La Quinze Brewery, with whom they prepared a cantaloupe melon pale ale which they called “Sirimiri” that In Basque it refers to the days of light drizzle, typical of the region.

The next stop, also in the Basque Country, was with Laugar Brewery with whom they prepared an IPA with a rather interesting mix of hops: Amarillo, Mandarina Bavaria, Columbus, Simcoe and Citra. The next stop was in Pamplona with the guys from Naparbier, with whom they prepared a Thai-inspired beer: a coffee stout with coconut and spices.

For Catalonia, Garage Beer Co was selected to prepare a Dry hopped peach sour. The last stop on this trip was to create, together with the guys from Cervesa Guineu and Cerveses La Pirata, a 15% IPA they called IMPERIAL IMPERIAL.

At Brewtal we love collaborations between passionate brewers and congratulate all participating breweries. Here's to more projects like this! Cheers!

Text: Gaby D'Aloia | Photography: Italo Morales