Brewtal Box #19

This month the Brewtal Box comes with craft beers from Germany (Frau Gruber) and England (Two Tribes ). Creations that come from brewery entrepreneurs who had previously worked in the music industry or met on the skate and BMX ramps. A common thread between the founders of Frau Gruber and Two Tribes is that the source of inspiration for everyone has been Australia.



Enzo Frauenschuh and Matthias Gruber met on the skate and BMX ramps in Augsburg (Germany) but it was in Australia that they discovered their love for craft beer, from which they developed their own brand of beer using their names as their own surnames. In January 2017, the two Bavarians stormed the German market and simultaneously launched five new and unusual beers on the market. While most breweries only use two types of yeast, Frau Gruber is using six different yeasts. They manage to use the yeast to create special flavors, without violating the German purity law. For example, some of their beers can leave a slight mango aftertaste.

From the beginning Frau Gruber beer has been canned, still quite an unusual format in Germany's “craft” scene. However, Enzo and Matthias did not do it for marketing reasons, but because they are convinced that beer keeps much better than in the bottle.



Style: Session IPA

A real revelation for IPA fans! This fantastic Session IPA (SIPA), with only 4. 5% alcohol content, it has characteristics that the "Hop Head" wants in all beer. Brewed with Amarillo, Citra and Simcoe hops, in the glass, its intense orange color, as well as its turbidity, are quite remarkable. When poured, it emits a torrent of aromas of tropical fruits on the nose, which continue to develop on the palate. Especially the passion fruit plays an important role. It stands out for a particularly full body for a SIPA, leaving a smooth mouthfeel. At the end, a subtle hop bitterness

complete the enjoyment of this marvel!



Style: Indian Pale Ale

With this IPA, which became a sensation on the German market, Mathias and Enzo continue their successful series of hops and fermented beer. They have used Simcoe, Mosaic, Chinook, Cascade and Citra hops in this series, giving this beer a bouquet of ripe tropical fruit. Its name, however, comes from two yeasts that ferment for much longer and, together with the hops, provide an intense fruit flavor where peach, mango and passion fruit predominate, resulting in a pleasant bitterness at the end



Two Tribes brings together creatives in their brewing process, and brews wonderful beers in that process.

In 2011, after having made their careers in the music industry (as DJ's and producers) Justin and Niki Deighton returned to England, after a long stay in Australia, inspired by music, food and good food. moments that lived in Sydney. This is how they decide to acquire WJ King, a craft brewery in East Sussex, and rename it Two Tribes Brewing, thus injecting it with their own creative identity. In April 2018, they moved to a new space in King's Cross (London) where they began to focus on more modern beers ranging from Brut IPA to very fruity Gose. Two Tribes focuses on a collaborative and creative model in which music plays an important role, so much so that they brewed two beers in collaboration with Island Records!



Style: Pale Ale

Two Tribes is not just a brewery. It is a creative hub that uses the knowledge and experience of its founders in this field, to create small potholes of beer with interesting concepts. The Dream Factory is no exception: it is a pale and seductive beer with a spongy body to which Citra and Mosaic hops are added, to give it intense flavors of mango, passion fruit and citrus. Fruity flavors that intertwine to create and feed your dreams!



Style: American Pale Ale

Made in collaboration with Double-Barreled of Reading (England). This powerful, rather American-style pale ale is brewed with a smooth body that serves as a base platform for the delicate and exotic hops Pekko and Loral. In addition, they use a little rye in the base to give it a touch of that flavor, before applying a "double dry hopping" with Pekko and Loral. The aroma this beer releases is floral with hints of fresh melon and mint, while some aromatic citrus with a hint of pineapple can be felt on the palate at the first sip.




Photo: Italo Morales