Brewtal Box #021 / NOV 2019 - BEERBLIOTEK

Finally the cold arrives and arrives to stay for a few months. However this month we still leave you with the "mood" of the end of summer, and we bring you some fruity and refreshing beers that come to us from Gothenburg (Sweden) and Madrid.



In 2012, Adam Norman from Australia, Richard Bull from New Zealand, Anders Hedlund from Sweden and Darryl de Necker from South Africa, all homebrew enthusiasts, founded Beerbliotek in Gothenburg, Sweden. Two years later, Swedish Niklas Gustafsson and British Gary McLachlan joined. The name Beerbliotek is derived from the Latin bibliothēca, and as the name implies, it has the ambition of being a kind of beer library. All of their beers have a number that represents the number of different beers they have brewed (about 250 to date!), and most have only been brewed once. Beerbliotek's brewing philosophy is simple: brew beers that they themselves would like to drink. Their first beer (#01) was called “Black Ale Chilli” and it is a black IPA with dried chilies that are added during fermentation. As always graphic design is something that interests us so much when choosing the beers that we include in the Brewtal Box, we learned that the wonderful illustrations on the Beerbliotek labels are designed by Darryl de Necker (@darryl74) one of the co-founders.



Style: Berliner Weisse

“Not everyone who loves gingers loves ginger”, but ginger lovers who love gingers definitely love them with a lot of passion. This Berliner Weisse-style beer (Berlin champagne!), whose label depicts a red-haired girl playing at squeezing passion fruit, is a beer that has found a loyal following in a very short time. It is quite light, refreshing, low in alcohol and very fruity with ginger and passion fruit being the most prominent flavors.

ABV: 3.8% IBU: -



Beer: SESSION IPA #073

Style: Session IPA

When done as well as Beerbliotek does it, the Session IPA (SIPA) delivers all the flavor and aroma you could hope for when you see those three juicy letters I P A, but at a smaller volume of alcohol. For some, SOPA is a beer that you can drink more than a pint of and not feel full. In essence, you can drink a few pints and not feel too full or too drunk! The mashing process of this Beerbliotek SIPA, which is quite low in alcohol and even refreshing, is done at a higher temperature than usual in order to retain the malt structure. Then a very potent charge of (delicious) Citra and Motueka hops is added to give it a lot of exotic fruit flavor and aroma.

ABV: 3.5% IBU: -



In 2013, after several years of much “homebrewig”, two nomadic brewing cousins ​​from Madrid, Jacobo and Juan, who for a long time prepared their recipes in the best “breweries” in Spain, founded La Quince Brewery. The name comes from the house number where they both grew up and from the moment La Quince was conceived, its motto and philosophy has always been “brew wild” which is essentially brewing beers with great personality. and aimed at a specialized audience. To do this, Jacobo and Juan squeeze the most out of the malts, hops and yeasts, looking for extreme aromas and flavors. La Quince was born from a dream, from the love of hops, and from the idea of ​​creating beers that would make the closest and most distant friends dream.



Style: Gose

This very low carbonated sour style beer is a collaboration the La Quince guys call the “Brew Wild Collab” which they made with their nomadic friends at Humalove Brewing from Helsinki (Finland). It is brewed with Spanish orange peels, and Mittlefruh and Citra hops. On the palate it is very soft, perfect for those who want to delve into the salty side of beer. It is not excessively acidic, with the citric point of the oranges, the pleasant flavor of the fruit and a moderate salty point. All very well balanced.

ABV: 4.7% IBU: 13



Style: NEIPA

A New England IPA also brewed under the “Brew Wild” philosophy so they added crazy amounts of Ekuanot, Citra, Cascade and Centennial hops after the brew was finished. Green Mind is quite a creamy beer with a smooth and pleasant bitterness. It is very aromatic and very fruity in character, reminiscent of peach, passion fruit, mango, papaya or tangerines. Its color is straw-golden with a lot of turbidity, characteristic of NEIPA, and when served in a glass a creamy white foam is created.

ABV: 6.2% IBU: 60

La Quince Brewery



Photography: Italo Morales